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What Is Google One? Plans, Pricing, Features And Here's Why You Need It

What Is Google One? Plans, Pricing, Features And Here's Why You Need It

Google One is one of the membership plans from Google that allows users to get the most of Google products. What is Google One? Scroll on for all details.

What is Google One

Google is one of the most recognized technology companies in the world. Apart from being the biggest search engine giant, it also offers a variety of other services to users. Google allocates an account holder just 15 GB of free storage when they start out. The storage space is shared across various services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. However, if you are looking for more storage on your existing account, you can upgrade the storage with a Google One membership plan.

What is Google One?

Google One is a membership plan from the company that allows users to get the most out of Google products. By upgrading to a Google One paid plan, users can get additional cloud storage which starts at 100 GB and goes all the way up to 2 TB. It has also replaced the paid services which are previously available with Google Drive as the service can be used by a range of services offered by Google.

Google One features

One of the primary features offered by Google One is expanded storage benefits. The service also offers other perks such as allowing users to add up to five family members to their new storage plan without any cost. Google may also offer certain benefits from other Google-based services such as special hotel pricing, Google Play Store credits, and others. In addition, it also enables users to connect with experts for assistance with any Google consumer product or service at the tap of a button. The support could be offered over phone, chat, and email; however, the options may vary depending on your country.

Google One pricing

In India, the base Google One membership plan starts at Rs. 130 per month which offers a total of 100 GB storage. The yearly plan is available for Rs. 1,300 a year. The second plan offers 200 GB of storage and it comes for Rs. 210 per month (Rs. 2,100 for one-year membership). The third plan offers 2TB of storage and it costs Rs. 650 per month (Rs. 6,500 for one-year membership).

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