Taish on ZEE5 Review: By picking up the artists standing on the margins, Bejoy fortified this magnificent king, got so many numbers

Taish on ZEE5 Review: By picking up the artists standing on the margins, Bejoy fortified this magnificent king, got so many numbers

 Movie Review: Taish

Artists: Jim Sarbh, Pulkit Samrat, Harshvardhan Rane, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Kriti Kharbanda, Abhimanyu Singh, Ankit Rathi, Armaan Kheda, etc.

Director: Bejoy Nambiar


Rating: ****

The Corona transition period has given many sorrows to Hindi cinema, but during this period, some such things have also happened which will be recorded as history in cinema in the coming days. Writer-director Bejoy Nambiar has written a unique chapter in this history in his new film Taish. The film 'Taish' has also been released like a web series. The six episodes of the series are about three hours long and the film far less than that. The interesting aspect here is that you see anyone first, you will not be able to stop yourself from the attraction of seeing the other. This is the real victory of Bejoy's storytelling.

The Hindi strip audience has not known much about Bejoy. I consider Bejoy to be on the radar of filmmakers by winning the Sony Gateway competition 'Gateway to Hollywood' as a new generation director who can counter the storytelling of filmmakers of any country in world cinema. His new highlight is his film Taish. After 'Satan', 'David' and 'Wazir', all the characters in Bejoy's story are really in the air. The whole of the story takes place in and around London. In Punjab, the Punjabi community has its own separate rule. Kuljinder of this community has established his number two business there. Both brothers Pali and Jassi are his right and left hands. The move of these three brothers crosses the path on which preparations for the wedding of the son of a very big health businessman are going on in the Bani Haveli. An anecdote of the past returns as a shock to the elder son of this family, and what happens next is a blast by an explosion.

Since the teaser of the film 'Taish' and then the trailer was released, people have been waiting for this film eagerly. Fans of Bejoy also showed some fear because the films whose trailers are often more spectacular than expected are failing on the test of their trailer. But Bejoy's team has raised its captain's head proudly here. Especially the team handling the post-production of the film has done an excellent job. As the director of the film, Bejoy has chosen a story here in which every character is incomplete. Neither the personality of anyone is complete nor is there any such desire in anyone. Everyone has their own past and all are fighting each other in the present as well as fighting within themselves. The story also sometimes goes back to 10, eight and two years ago and fights with itself. To tell this story, Bejoy took half a dozen actors standing on the margins of the Hindi cinema and made him a star from this film.

The film Taish is not a film of any artist in terms of acting. When it seems that Jim Sarbh will overtake as junior artist, Sunny Lalwani i.e. Pulkit returns again in the story. Jim Sarbh has to be admired here that he has kept it as an anchor of the whole story in an unexpected way. The rest of the artists are dancing around this practice. Abhimanyu Singh has done such roles in the past, But this time he left a different impact in the role of elder brother who used to capture wife as well as sister-in-law. When the brother-in-law who makes fun of his bedridden brother gets his speed, Abhimanyu's helplessness in those scenes makes an impact.

In a way, the film is also made like Harshvardhan Rane's showreel. Rane, who has become a big name in Telugu cinema, has shown his talent in the Hindi cinema this time, he will forget his 'Sanam Teri Kasam' and 'Paltan' failures. At the same time, the character of Pulkit Samrat is like a stone that falls into a little water and causes a stir. Sunny's outing to avenge the childhood atrocities with her friend is worth seeing. Along with these powerful actors, Bejoy Nambiar has also shown the power of two such actresses in his film to the Hindi cinema where there is not much effort to write female characters.

The real discovery of the film Taish is Sanjeeda Sheikh. Sanjida Sheikh has played the number one film in this year's release so far, playing Jahan, who is in love with her brother-in-law while living in her elder sister's house and is targeted by her brother-in-law's lust. His film 'Kali Khuhi' is also being released on Friday and his work will notice there too. After spending a long time on television, Sanjida has stepped into cinema in a very serious way. If she continues to get the right director and the right stories, then she can soon reach the stage where there is no one right after Deepika Padukone. Zoya, the daughter of filmmaker Karim Morani, has also tried to show acting instead of glamor and has been successful in this film.

After directing, story, screenplay and acting, the film has achieved real numbers due to its technical excellence. Harsher Oberoi's cinematography is also a character in the film. He has shown the beauty of foreign outdoor locales well, his real skill is shown in low light scenes, where his use of light and shadow makes this film competition of world cinema. Especially the scene has become very good when Rohan and Sunny are talking to each other in a room just before the climax.

The film has an editing world-class. In cinema, it is said that the film is made either on the writing table or on the editing table. The latter table here is handled by Priyank Prem Kumar very well and has got full numbers for his department. Yes, episodes four and five in the web series tend to be a bit lose. The music of the film is also good. Especially composed of Govind Vasant, Ray Bawri. The film has only one minus point and it has Pali and Kuljinder's entire track in Punjabi.

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