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Sushant case: CBI probe continues, everyone awaits report

Sushant case: CBI probe continues, everyone awaits report


On June 14, 2020, a shining star of cinema broke forever. About four months have passed since Sushant's death, but it seems that the case is still in the place where it started. In the Sushant case, the Mumbai police first started an investigation and soon it was reported as a suicide case. However, along with Sushant's fellows, some leaders and actors did not agree and put the Mumbai police under the question. 

The twist in the case came when Sushant's father KK Singh lodged an FIR in Bihar in which he described actress Rhea Chakravarty and her family as accused of the death of the departed actor. At the same time, KK Singh accused Rhea and her family of manipulating Sushant money. After this FIR, the Bihar police also got entry into the case. After which the pulls between the Mumbai police and the Bihar police were seen. The pulls of Mumbai and Bihar police ended when the case came to the CBI.

The case has been shown to be a new twist every day since the CBI reached the case. The NCB was also engaged in the investigation of the Sushant case due to allegations of money manipulation. The entire family, including Rhea Chakravarty, was interrogated by Ed and then NCB. Many others, including Rhea, his brother Shouvik, had to go to jail due to drug transactions. After nearly a month in jail, Rhea Chakravarty got the bell and now Rhea is at her home. 

Recently, there were reports that the CBI has completed the investigation of the case and the closure report of the case may be filed soon. However, the CBI termed the reports regarding its findings in the media report as fictional. In a statement, CBI spokesman R.K. Gaur said, "The CBI inquiry into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput is continuing. There have been some hypothetical reports in the media that the CBI has come to a conclusion. It is reiterated that such reports are flawed and fictitious. ' 

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