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Haryana Day to be held online this time.

Haryana Day to be held online this time.

This time Haryana Day will be held online. It will be held on 1st November and will also connect people abroad online. 

Arun Malik, who is living in Australia, said that there had been a long-time discussion on how to organise Haryana Day, but now everybody has decided together that it will include all of them sitting in their own countries and organising it online. He said that the event will include people from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and India online. The event from Australia will include Arun Malik, Mohit, Sushil Kumar, Vikas and Ritu Surephase. The USA will consist of Kavita Rathi, Chairperson Balendra Kundu of global Haryana and Narendra Singh. Anoop Lather and Sushil wrestlers from Haryana will take their views. 

The Haryana Day program can be viewed online on Radio Kasut. Famous singers from Haryana KD, Raju Punjabi, Annu Kadian, Masoom Sharma, Bindra Dhanoda, Himmat Kumar, Manish Mast, Bika, Monika Sharma and Amit Dhul will perform at the event. Vishal Jindal will conduct the program there.

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