A Suitable Boy Review: The story of the polarizing relationship behind the scenes between polarization, so many stars

A Suitable Boy Review: The story of the polarizing relationship behind the scenes between polarization, so many stars

Web Series Review: A Suitable Boy

Artists: Ishan Khattar, Tabu, Tanya Maniktala, Mahira Kakkar, Rasika Duggal, Vijay Verma, Danish Rajavi, Namit Das, Ram Kapoor, Randeep Hooda etc.

Director: Mira Nair

OTT: Netflix

Rating: ***1/2

Talking to Mira Nair a few days ago, she had said that she would not have been in the midst of a series on Vikram Seth's novel ' A Sutter boy ', which would have been under the direction of a ' whites '. The six-episode web series on the novel is also written by ' whites '. Andrew Davies has already written scripts on the famous novels ' War and Peace ' and ' Les Miserables ', here too, his writings are similar. The web series ' A Sutable Boy ' is not a history document, but in the time after the enactment of the new Constitution, a temple of a dhananseth in front of a mosque should be built just because they turn to the Kaaba at the time of prayer, they see the shivling in front, the stream of this series.

While watching the series, it should be noted that Vikram Seth's novel ' A Sutable Boy ' was released in 1993 and it is just after independence. Just as Bhishma Sahni wrote his novel ' Tamas ' around 70, it is at the time of partition. Govind Nihalani's TV series is five hours, Mira Nair's series is six hours. Even if the two series are not compared, the challenges of making a novel on the screen with the same. Mira Nair had to make a series on a script already written, she made her full strength. While watching the series, it is to be kept in mind that the series is originally made in English. It has been dubbed later in Hindi and it seems that the writer who writes subtitles does not understand the Shero Shayari of Urdu.

So Bismillah does the story of the four families who are running together with bunk policies. There is tension in the city. The ministers of the Government are not listening to each other. If Pakistan is formed, muslims should go there, saying that the minister is demanding a Hindu nation. Drawn from the tension of the politics of religion, the two-way heart on this canvas is looking for a moving turtle with the colours of life. The Surmay-eyed value gets the name from Syeda, the stain of Saab. And, the stain saab is divided into so many parts as the efforts to divide this country have been going on from the beginning. The story of the second youth is creeper. Her mother is upset for her marriage. The question of the president's question is hardly the question of why all the significance of a girl's life in this country has been married. He has to find a ' sutable boy '. In this quest, he gets Kabir Durrani, but he is a Muslim, so the house does not allow it. Then there is Haresh Khanna who takes him to his tannery on the first date. And the third is Amit Chatterjee.

You will see a hundred characters in the six episode of the web series ' A Sutable Boy '. Mira Nair has created a full queue of new old faces. These characters of Mehra, Kapoor, Chatterjee and Khan families are never added to the story from anywhere. If someone has got a roll of a bed with someone, someone tries to do more, so the script of the series and its expansion does not allow it. As director Mira Nair has presented a tableau in India on the screen, she has already been showing her films ' Kama Sutra ' and ' Nemesek ', etc. This is the India that wants to see foreigners. Old havelies, designer clothes, physical relationships behind the scenes, home-run diplomacy, etc. Mira Nair is also successful in this purpose.

In terms of acting, ' a sutable boy ' is a diamond of the career of three artists. The first Tabu, who is seen in Syeda's character, is difficult to think of the name of another artist here. In the character of an aged Tawaif, Tabu has built a spiritual and physical relationship with a half-age boy. His act speaks with his eyes and has done a work worthy of shingles in the case of saying everything with his eyes, Ishan Khattar. Mira Nair's value is going to remember cinema amateurs for years. In Mann's story, the scriptwriter also tried to give a homosexual gesture to his friendship with the Nawab's son, but the extension later disappeared. Tanya Maniktala has also given the series a different tevar as well as an essential gentleness as lata. His character is an arduous subject of women's discourse. And, for the ease with which Tanya lives on the screen, she deserves the reward that the artists of the OTT series receive.

' A sytable boy ' does not get the same number in the technical review. Yes, the camera that brings the story to the screen rotates as a character of the story. In the beginning of 10-15 minutes, he becomes the eyes of the witness. The audience seems to have also become part of the story and where the story is going, the audience is moving together. However, if the background music of the series and its Hindi were better written and dubbed, the series could have been in the category of classic series. Nevertheless, the ' a sutable boy ' series for binge watching on this video is still several times better than ' Mirzapur 2 '.

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