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Why the Haryanvi artist Gulzar's house was attacked?

Why the Haryanvi artist Gulzar's house was attacked?

Haryanvi artists have also come in support of farmers for the last several days. But now they have to bear the brunt of it. The house and car of Haryanvi artist Gulzar Chaniwala have been attacked for coming live in support of the farmers and inviting the rally.

In fact, Gulzar Chaniwala came live on Facebook and said that he had gone out of work that suddenly his family got a sound from outside. When the people of the house went outside and saw that the car was broken. He was attacked by someone. Gulzar said that for a few days some selfish people were constantly saying that Gulzar has taken money from the party, so he does not speak on farmers.In such a situation, He organized a rally in support of farmers on 1 October, everyone was invited on Facebook. But as soon as some people came to know that Gulzar was going to rally, they attacked his house and car.

At the same time, Gulzar has come live again and said that he has nothing to do with any party. He will not support any party from now on and has given a complaint to the police against those who attacked his house. He also said that his family was shocked after this incident.

After this incident, many people associated with Haryana industry have come in support of him. Everyone has strongly condemned the incident. Haryanvi singer KD wrote on Facebook that - Kalakar ka K Khot Bhai? GULZAR CHHANIWALA 24 old boy has worked hard day and night to illuminate his dialect and state name,When he did not speak on the issues of the farmer, he said Do not become a victim of politics.

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