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Top 5 trending this Week report

Top 5 trending this Week report

While the previous week had been cold in the Haryanvi music industry, this week has returned to the industry again. Many big songs came out this week. In which someone showed a torrent of Gajaban and some cried a Coca-Cola. Not only this, but 40 kilo songs were also seen from the firecrackers of the bullet. See which song is in which place.

Gajban Ki Tor: Mukesh Jaji's song features Anjali Raghav and Vishwajit Chaudhary. The song came out 6 days ago and has seen 3.6 million people. Gajban is getting a lot of love from people on YouTube.

Coco-Cola: This song by Ruchika Jangid is like a mix of Haryanvi and Rajasthani dialect. The song is getting much praise everywhere and in 6 days, 3.2 million people have watched it on YouTube.

Pataka: The first song of director-turned-actor Amit Chaudhary has been a big hit. The song is sung by Raju Punjabi and Pragati. It has been viewed by 1.8 million people in 6 days.

40 kilo: This song by Amit Saini Rohtakia and like his previous songs, it is also full of action. 1.7 million people have seen it in 6 days.

Pajeb: This song by Renuka Panwar and Kaye D was released 5 days ago. It has seen 1.3 million people so far.

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