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Mahasinh Poonia's article: Haryana's international identity

Mahasinh Poonia's article: Haryana's international identity

Haryana has made its own identity internationally by crossing several steps culturally. Nevertheless, more meaningful steps need to be taken in many areas. The film became a policy, but the film city has not yet been made. There is immense potential for employment and international recognition through Shilpgram. There is a need to connect artists with employment so that cultural heritage can be recognized more internationally.

In Mahasimha Poonia Vedic hymns, which were called Brahmavart Pradesh by Hariana, Maharaja Manu, owing to the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the land which came to be known as Hari-yana Kshetra, due to the land of Adi Devta Shiva which was called Haryana, Lord Shiva Due to the sports venue of son Kartikeya, which became famous as Mayurbhoomi, the sacred holy land between the Vedic period and Mahabharata period, on which 88 thousand sages took birth and called it a sage land,Due to Mother Saraswati, who got the name of Saraswat Pradesh, the land from which Maharaja Kuru gave the message of farming culture, the land which got the title of Danveer land with the donation of Maharishi Dadhichi and Karna. Due to Pavandham Kurukshetra which was called as Punyabhoomi, due to Mahabharata which became known as Nyayabhoomi,In the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred holy land was called Dharmakshetra, thanks to the play Ratnavali and Priyadarshika, composed by Maharaja Harsh Vardhan, which became famous throughout the cultural land Thanesar, the land on which the battles of Panipat decided the fate of India. This Haryana state was born on 1 November 1966.

Haryana has a different identity from the cultural point of view, but to establish this identity, folk artists, culture lovers and litterateurs have taken many meaningful steps for the cultural identity of Haryana at the international level. In terms of language, all the dialects of Deshwali, Bagdi, Bangru, Khadri, Kauravi, Khadi Boli, Braj Bhasha, Mewati, Ahirwati are indelible treasures of Haryanvi language.However, we could not get the Haryanvi language included in the list of the Constitution. Today there are crores of people speaking the Haryanvi language. In Pakistan, there are one crore people who speak Haryanvi. The popularity of Haryanvi language in Indian films Dangal, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Lal Rang, Sultan, Highway, Bull's Eye etc. has given an international look to the popularity of Haryanvi language.In Pakistan there are one crore people who speak Haryanvi. The popularity of Haryanvi language in Indian films Dangal, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Lal Rang, Sultan, Highway, Bull's Eye etc. has given an international look to the popularity of Haryanvi language. The tradition of sports culture in Haryana has given special recognition to Haryana at the global level. In Haryana, players of wrestling, kabaddi, boxing, hockey etc. have made their presence felt all over the world.

Also, the way in which the new generation in Haryana is making new experiments in music, Haryana is also getting international recognition. Haryana has immense potential in terms of tourism. The tourism department of Haryana is playing an important role in this direction. More than 40 tourist centers have been set up in different districts of Haryana.

The history of Haryana's archaeological heritage is thousands of years old. Haryana has got a different identity from the archaeological excavations done in Rakhigarhi and Faramana. Based on the ancient remains found from here, it has been proved that the evidence found in the archaeological heritage of Haryana is more than 8 thousand years old. Apart from this, evidence of archaeological heritage has been found from sites like Banawali, Mitthal, Sug, Adibadri, Ukalaana, Khokrakot, Harsh ka Tila etc.Haryana has also given birth to several museums to preserve this heritage. The museum being established in Rakhigarhi at a cost of crores of rupees will also increase the international recognition of Haryana.

There is a famous saying about Haryana, Des Haryana in Desan, Jitha milk and curd eating. The food and drink of Haryana is particularly famous. The pudding, lapsi, kheer, dumpling, pakoras, sweet roti, goji, lassi, cold, gas and more than 50 kinds of chutneys are particularly famous here. Murthal food and dhabas are particularly famous for all tourists from abroad.

People here have a different identity in terms of folk costumes. More than 50 types of turbans are tied here. The dhoti, kurta, khandaka as well as ornaments worn by kurti, damman, chundad, khara, ghagra, ghaghari women are particularly famous. These costumes and ornaments are mentioned repeatedly in Haryanvi folk songs. This has added more wings to their popularity.

Along with Haryana Sahitya Akademi, Haryana Granth Academy, Haryana Sanskrit Academy, Haryana Punjabi Academy, Haryana Sanskriti Art and History Academy, Kala Parishad has also been established through which many national and international level about the culture of Haryana. Events are held. Although still Haryanvi Language Academy,Though the Haryanvi Language Academy, Haryanvi Lalit Kala Academy, Haryanvi Loknatya Academy are yet to be established, more than two dozen universities organize many events related to Haryanvi culture through which Haryana's cultural heritage has got a new identity.

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