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'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' September 21 Written Update | Prerna Tells Anurag Everything

'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' September 21 Written Update | Prerna Tells Anurag Everything


Here's Kasautii Zindagii Kay written update for September 21, 2020. Read on to know how the episode unfolds & what happens next in Anurag and Prerna's lives.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay written update

In the September 21 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Kaushik confesses his crimes. Prerna tells Anurag about Kaushik and Kuki being in love. Anurag wonders about Komolika’s intentions regarding Kaushik and Kuki.

Kaushik confesses his crimes

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay September 21 episode begins with Kaushik confessing that he had leaked the question papers using Kuki’s phone. Monu adds that Kaushik wants to save Kuki’s name from being maligned. Kuki leaves the room crying and thinking about Kaushik. Prerna goes after her to console her. Kuki tells her that she never thought Kaushik will do this for her. Prerna tries to console her.

Inside the room, Anurag tells the principal that both Kaushik and Monu should be expelled because they had done the mistake. Monu pleads with Anurag but he scolds him instead. Mr Bajaj and Komolika simply look on at the scene unfolding in front of them. Mr Bajaj finally speaks up saying Anurag’s nephew has ruined his daughter’s life and it is not enough to just slap him. Anurag agrees with him saying even being expelled might not change Kaushik.

Kuki is free

Komolika interrupts the men saying youngsters make mistake and Kaushik is trying to correct his mistake and he also cares for Kuki. Anurag doubts her asking what does she have to benefit from this that she is taking their side. He asks her to keep quiet if she does not wants to be publicly humiliated. Mr Bajaj overhears them and wonders that Anurag has no manners to talk to his wife.

Meanwhile, the principal tells them that Anurag has vouched for Kuki’s innocence. He asks the principal bewildered that why was Kuki rusticated then. Komolika tries to press on saying Kaushik loves Kuki. Mr Bajaj gets annoyed with her and leaves.

Outside, Kaushik approaches Kuki and confesses his love for her. Monu also apologised saying that he forced Kaushik to do this because his friend was about to commit suicide and he wanted to steal the question papers to help him. However, Kaushik also thought to help out Kuki by giving it to her. So the real culprit is Monu. Kuki, however, asks him to leave.

Prerna tells Anurag

Anurag also comes there and says that Kaushik should be sent back to his mother in the USA. Prerna asks him not to do this. She takes him aside and says that Anurag might be unaware but Kaushik and Kuki are in love with each other. Anurag becomes shocked and looks over the youngsters and asks her how does she know. She asks him to look at them and also adds that Kuki will soon realise it too. Anurag and Prerna suddenly recall their moments together. Just then, Prerna gets a call from Mr Bajaj and takes Kuki with her.

Anurag confronts Kaushik

Later, Anurag, Kaushik and Komolika come back home. Anurag asks Komolika suddenly why is she suddenly so concerned about Kaushik. She lies to him saying that it was no use telling him since he thinks she is all about money and power but she indeed cares for Kaushik. Anurag replies that he has known for her eight years now and he knows her well.

Anurag approaches Kaushik and asks him if he loves Kuki. Kaushik asks him whether Komolika had revealed it to him or not. Anurag scolded him but added that he was happy that Kaushik stood by Kuki. Komolika looks at them and wonders what are they talking about. Anurag asks Kaushik to call and apologise to Kuki. The episode ends here.

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