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Jaya Bachchan, Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut's fight

Jaya Bachchan, Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut's fight

Since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the ongoing debate in Bollywood has reached Parliament where Rajya Sabha MP and actress Jaya Bachchan has given a statement after which actress Kangana Ranaut has responded to him. Kangana in her tweet has asked questions about Jaya Bachchan's daughter Shweta and son Abhishek.

Kangana Ranaut has tweeted, 'Would you have said the same thing when in my place your daughter Shweta would have been beaten, given drugs and exploited as a teenager? Would you have said this if Abhishek would have been intimidated and harassed and would have been seen hanging on the gallows someday? Show sympathy to others as well. '

On Tuesday, Jaya Bachchan retracted her statements without naming actor and BJP MPs Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut during zero hours. Jaya Bachchan said that because of some people you cannot spoil the image of the entire industry. He said that he was ashamed of a Lok Sabha member who belonged to the film industry in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

On Monday, Ravi Kishan raised the issue of the use of drugs in the film industry in the Lok Sabha and demanded strict action in this direction. He had said that drug smuggling is being done from Pakistan and China and it is ruining the young generation of the country. It has also reached our film industry and NCB is investigating it.

Jaya Bachchan said, "People working in the entertainment industry are getting affected by social media. Those who have made their names in the industry are now calling it gutters. I totally disagree with it. They pierce the plate in which they eat. I hope the government will ask such people not to use such a language. Earlier, Kangana Arnauth, in an interview to a news channel, likened the film industry to the gutter over the use of drugs at Bollywood parties. He claimed that 99 percent of the Bollywood stars were involved.

In response to Jaya Bachchan, BJP MP Ravi Kishan told news agency ANI, "I expected Jayaji to support me. Not everyone in the industry takes drugs, but those who take it are part of a conspiracy that wants to ruin the world's largest film industry. When I and Jayaji came, there was no such situation, but now we need to save the industry. '

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