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Aamir Khan's Brother : Karan Johar Insulted Me At The Party

Aamir Khan's Brother : Karan Johar Insulted Me At The Party


Faissal Khan, best known for his role in Mela, recalled how producer-director Karan Johar insulted him on his brother Aamir Khan's 50th birthday bash

Faissal Khan (File pic)
Faissal Khan (File pic)

Ever since the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput in June, the debate around the alleged practice of nepotism in Bollywood received fresh fuel. A lot of celebrities opened up of falling prey to it. Filmmaker Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt were among the celebs who are being targeted on social media and trolled for allegedly giving preferential treatment to star kids.

While Kangana Ranaut has been consistently vocal about the 'movie mafia' and nepotism in the film industry, here's another famous personality from the film industry who revealed how the bias in the industry exists, according to him. He's none other than actor Faissal Khan, brother of superstar Aamir Khan. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Khan recalled an incident at his brother Aamir's 50th birthday bash, where he claimed that he was insulted by 

Talking to the portal, Faissal Khan said, "There is bias and groupism in the industry. The entire world is corrupted so the industry is not as pious. Everyone looks out for themselves. If your work flops, they don't treat you well; they don't even look at you and it has happened to me. On my brother's 50th birthday, I was looked down upon by someone, I don't wish to take the name. But, Karan Johar acted weird with me; he put me down. He insulted me when I was trying to talk to someone and trying to disconnect with the person I was talking to. So, a lot of such things have happened and even I have been through it. This has happened to me. People would refuse to take me in their office. After Mela I thought people will take me in films after seeing my craft, so I used to go to their offices but they would make me sit there. I wouldn't get appointments with a lot of directors, so I have seen that phase also."

Contrary to the 'Insider vs Outsider' debate, Faissal begs to differ. He said the star kids don't make it big always. "It's not like there are no opportunities for outsiders. In fact, many actors have come from outside – Shah Rukh (Khan), Akshay (Kumar), Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao, and of course, Sushant Singh Rajput. He was not from the industry. So, many actors and actresses have also come from outside," he said.

He further added. "If your father is a big director then he can make a few calls and people to cast you, but you will have to prove your worth in the end. There's no theory or formula for success. There are going to be new people coming in both from the insiders and outsiders. In fact, I think that the rate of insiders flopping is higher than that of the outsiders because you get the chance but you're not successful."

Faissal Khan is now geared up to make a comeback, this time both as an actor and a debutant director with his new film Faactory. A romantic-thriller, Khan is certain that this film will bounce his career back again in the spotlight. The expected release for his film is towards the end of the year. "We are deciding upon an OTT platform where Faactory will receive a worldwide release, and we'll release a trailer very soon."

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