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Nepotism debate opens in  Punjabi entertainment industry

Nepotism debate opens in Punjabi entertainment industry

Taking the nepotism debate that is raging in Bollywood after the suicide of sushant Singh Rajput , in the Punjabi industry, some from within are raking up the issue here as well. While the aggrieved don’t want to come out openly yet against the big names in the industry, it seems the movement is about to fire up Punjabi entertainment industry as well. A social media post
 by a publicist from Chandigarh, Laddi Cheema who handles Punjabi films promotions, put up on Friday has created a flutter. Though Cheema isn’t directly talking about nepotism per se, he says production houses holding out payments of actors, junior artists, technicians, and publicists is common, and its time someone addressed that issue before another Sushant like episode takes place in another film industry.

His post in Punjabi translated in English as... ‘What happened with Sushant Singh Rajput was really sad, but what the Punjabi industry is doing to us, is that correct? We are asking for our hard-earned money for the last one year. We are requesting (referring to those who owe him money), to please pay us our dues. No one will be able to see more Sushant in the industry.’ Cheema alleges that a film production house, whose name he has withheld, for whom he worked on its film promotions last year in the state of Punjab, still hasn’t paid his dues. With Covid having cast a grim shadow on finances of people and industries, Cheema says like the others, he too needs his money back before his finances dry up.

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