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Don’t feel bad about 83', entire industry is on hold: Ammy Virk

Don’t feel bad about 83', entire industry is on hold: Ammy Virk

How has the lockdown treated you, personally?
Well, I spent time with my family, which is a huge blessing. I am learning different music styles, reading, and working out in my home gym. I think this qualifies as a good treatment, right?

Your family was distributing ration  to the needy and you joined them once. How else have you reached out, done your part in the crisis?
Yes, I am a part of the society. When my country is passing through a rough patch, it becomes my moral duty to do something for the society too. As artists with a certain fan following, this our contribution towards people when they are in need. They have given us appreciation for many years, this is least we can do for them.

We also saw you obliging an SI of Punjab police spending time in isolation, by singing her a song ?
Some senior officials of the police told me about how their force is also braving Covid-19 and about this lady cop in isolation. So, spoke to her over video call, sang some songs which she requested me to. It was a small act, but I am hoping it helped her briefly in passing through this difficult time. I felt happy after talking to her too. I felt a different kind of satisfaction from what a singer feels performing for fans.

The  pandemic has had psychological impacts on people. What have you learnt from it?
I am a very positive person and don’t get easily rattled by anything. But yes, the one lesson we all learnt is that, nature is supreme, and we should not play with god given gifts and especially the environment. I have been keeping up my spirits and those of others around me by motivating and singing on the phone. Research proves that music alleviates depression. I also approached old friends with some loving memories of our times together.

How will Covid-19 impact your films? Your Bollywood debut 83' was supposed to release in April. You must be disappointed?
I don’t feel so bad because I'm not alone in this, the entire industry is on hold  for now and everyone has been hit financially. My three immediate projects have been paused for the time being. Next six months are very crucial for the film industry. Of course, my Bollywood debut 83’ has also been affected as it was scheduled for theatres in April. Now, there is no certainty about its release. I hope life gets back to normal soon... 

I don’t feel so bad because the entire industry is on hold for now

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