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Pankaj Kapoor’s show 'office-office' is all set to re-enjoy fame again.

Pankaj Kapoor’s show 'office-office' is all set to re-enjoy fame again.

A lockdown has been imposed in the country to prevent the corona virus. In such a situation, people are escaping from their homes. People at home are turning to online platforms and TVs for Timepass. In such a situation, the TRPs of TV channels have seen a lot of bounce. Especially the old show 'Ramayana', which aired on Doordarshan, is getting a lot of viewers. In such a situation, after Doordarshan, many more channels have also started on this path. Older shows are airing back to back on TV.

Another show 'Office-Office' has also been included in the list of old shows. This show of Pankaj Tripathi has been a comedy show of its time. In this show, Pankaj's character Mussaddilal Tripathi was quite famous. Mussaddilal always had to do his work in a corrupt office. Deven Bhojani has also played an important role in this show.

Talking to news agency IANS, Deven said, 'It is a great feeling that the office-office is coming back. We made this show in the year 2001-2002. Now after almost two decades it will once again be on air. The show is still contemporary in the way it was then. It is about how a common man suffers when he needs to do something important between the offices of corrupt people. ' The show will air on SAB TV from 13 April.

Significantly, shooting of TV shows has been stopped since mid-March. In such a situation, TV channels do not have new content to show. Therefore, the old shows are constantly coming back. It started with the Ramayana and Mahabharata on Doordarshan. After this, channels like Zee TV, Star Bharat, Colors and Sony TV also re-aired their old and famous shows.

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